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Satellite Director NG

1.08 usd

Before buying this app: have you tried, can you install, the free version ?If you cannot install the free version your phone does not have a compass, which is required for the director function.This app is simular to the free Satellite Director but hasadditional features, some may require the use of internet:- enter street and city to get your location coordinates- your location coordinates via network and/or GPS- find the exact location with the help Google Maps- see in satellite view above your location where to point the dish- create your own satellite sat-lists with only those satellites in it that you want using the build-in satellite list- reduce and sort the satellite list without restarting the app- on-line help pages- 'simple' mode without balancing the phone- export/import the satellite lists to SD card (backup)- overrule the build-in satellite list with your own list- vibrate- up to 6 satellites simultaniously displayed- display for your location and all satellites the values for: azimuth, elevation and skew- the current location via the network- update the satellite list from a source (USSTRATCOM-AGI) or website (sats.csv, Enigma satellite.xml, Satellite Calculations)Warning: metal covers/cases or covers/cases with metal/magnetic closure will influence/disrupt the compass of your phone or tablet. Do not use these covers !!Finding a TV satellite, in azimuth, can be pretty difficult. Before you can find it with a compass you have to do some calculations using GPS location, magnetic variation, compass azimuth and satellite azimuth.Satellite Director replaces all of that.Just enable the GPS in your phone or enter your GPS location or use the map to find your location, select the desired TV satellite and point your phone to the sky to target (find) the TV satellite. Balance your phone. You have found the satellite when the white ball is in the white circle and the cyan ball is in the cyan circle. Align the offset arm, in azimuth, of the satellite dish to the cyan arrow on the phones display and the satellite dish is aligned in azimuth with the satellite.Selectable audio tone, camera preview, continuous mode (no pause), color pickers or a user defined satellite position may make it easier for you to find the desired TV satellite. The satellite list contains 280 satellites.
New phones with Android 4: remember that the "Settings" screen has options to correct the compass readings, if needed.